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The goal of My Brother’s Keeper Fire Training LLC (MBK Fire) is to help thousands of firefighters put their “Best Practices” into play on the fireground through Continuing Fire Education (CFE’s). Our mission is “to offer high-quality hands-on skills training” at the company/department level. Drills and training done at your department following your SOP’s/SOG’s, training the way you are going “play it in the game” on the Fire Ground.

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Scott Richards

Scott Richards


How we can help!

MBK Fire is dedicated to helping departments stay compliant and up to date with all the latest developments in the fire service. In today’s world of ever-changing regulations and training requirements it is getting harder for departments to keep up. MBK Fire’s drills are designed to help deal with everything from NFPA to OSHA/PESH and other governing/regulating bodies. We also offer support updating Preplans, SOP’s/SOG’s, along with integrating them into your training so firefighters stay current and up to date.

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Administrative Assistance

Administrative Assistance

As more regulations get added on to the fire service it is getting harder and tougher to keep up! Chief Officers spend more time on paperwork and compliance than anything else. That’s where MBK Fire can help by assisting with the process and helping to develop and train on the right policies and programs for your department.

Real life training

Training & Skills

After a member is initially trained by the State, County or Academy then the real challenge for departments begins. Continuing Fire Education (CFE’s) – teaching the member your department’s way of doing things along with keeping their new skills long term. MBK Fire will deliver exciting and challenging company/department level drills (at your department with your equipment), integrating your department SOP’s and SOG’s, training done the way you’re going to “play in the game” on the fire ground!


Additional Training

MBK Fire can help with all your training needs not just Structural Fire Fighting but Car Fires, Auto Extrication, Rope Rescue, Emergency Vehicle Operations and much, much more!


Live Fire Refresher Training

Believing you should – “practice the way you are going to play in the game” – MBK Fire works hard to make training as life like as possible. Incorporating basic firefighter skills like, hoseline deployment, advancement and fire suppression along with officer training including command, communications and initial size-up!


Fire Departments & HazMat Response

Fire Departments are expected to respond to and operate at Hazardous Materials incidents and MBK Fire is here to help. We offer a whole host of training from Emergency Decontamination and Flammable Gas Response to damning, diking , diverting and FOAM use.

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